Egos Copenhagen Black
Egos Copenhagen Black
Egos Copenhagen Black

Egos Copenhagen Slipper - Black

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Keep your feet warm and comfy this season with the Egos Copenhagen woollen slippers. 

Sourced from 100% natural sheep wool from New Zealand and made by hand in Nepal, these fairtrade shoes are bound to be your favourite purchase this year! 

Wool is a natural product with an amazing capacity to isolate. The wool allows your feet to breathe without ever feeling too hot or too cold. Wool absorbs up to 30% moisture without feeling wet and without losing its ability to isolate. In addition, natural wool also contains lanolin which makes the wool resistant to dirt, moisture and grime while reducing odours. 

Over time, your Egos slippers will come to take on the form of your individual foot for perfect comfort. 


Material: 100% natural wool, suede bottoms

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