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Emotional Baggage Tote Bag

Emotional Baggage Tote Bag

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Everyone has it; the trick is to carry it elegantly. 

The tote bag is made of a high-quality, heavy duty canvas with internal pockets to keep your possessions organised. Available in navy and khaki.

We are all damaged in diverse, stubborn and interesting ways: someone humiliated us a long time ago; we witnessed bitter rows between our parents; we had anxieties around self-worth fuelled by comparison with a high-achieving sibling; an early business venture ended in disaster; we have a tendency to obsessive independence that makes it hard to live with anyone else; we have a rebellious streak which seemed cute at sixteen but now gets in the way of working amicably with others.

This bag celebrates one of the most glamorous projects any of us can undertake: learning how to carry our emotional baggage well.



Size: 37.5cm x 40cm
Material: 100% cotton

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