Kaweco Fountain Pen Black
Kaweco Fountain Pen Black

Kaweco Fountain Pen Black

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Kaweco's Classic Skyline Fountain Pen has been designed to be easy to use when on the go, fitting easily in pockets and smaller bags without taking up a lot of room. When closed, the pen only measures 10.5 cm, which means that it can easily be placed in any small pouch or bag without fear of it being bent or damaged. Once opened, the pen reaches 13 cm, providing ample length for perfect control when writing.
This timeless model has been around since 1911 and undergone very few changes. Made from high quality and durable plastic, the pen can easily withstand being dropped or falling without breaking. The nib is designed to allow the perfect flow of ink every time the pen is used.



Tip size: Medium
Ink: Blue
Refills: Fountain pen refills can be purchased here.
Length: 10.5cm
Material: ABS plastic, iridium nib. Made in Germany

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