Normann Copenhagen Obi Cup
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Normann Copenhagen Obi Cup

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Obi is a functional everyday design with character. A delightful curvy silhouette characterises this series of porcelain cups, which have an insulating silicone belt integrated into the design.

The series consists of cups in three sizes: an espresso cup, and a cup and mug for coffee, tea and other hot drinks. The shape is hearty and organic. The voluminous silicone mid-section forms an inviting curve, which protects your hand from the warm contents of the filled cup and provides a good grip.

The silicone belt and porcelain body come together in dusty tone-on-tone nuances. 

Designed by Simon Legald


Material: Porcelain and silicone
Dimensions: H8.2cm x Ø8.3cm
Care: Dishwasher friendly

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