Urban Apothecary Candle - Black Viper
Urban Apothecary Candle - Black Viper

Urban Apothecary Candle - Black Viper

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Special Edition Candle 

Alluring and mysterious with sensuous character, Black Viper is the aromatic version of a beautifully crafted blacksnake whip. This fragrance captures the scent of refined leather gently suffusing from its coils. Get ready for a sensory seduction as you’re drawn into a wonderfully woody and luxuriously leathery scent.

The charismatic trail of butter-soft leather caresses every note in a loving embrace; leather-on-leather blending with rich and creamy sandalwood and the dense, dark, smoky trails of oudh. Like the lively sonic boom of whipped air, a burst of pink pepper, icy violet and the sweet sultry scent of saffron provide olfactory resonance. A hot white flash of glorious lily, tobacco leaves and earthy orris bring the final touch of sensuousness to this leather lovers scent.

This luxury candle is hand poured in England by skilled artisans. Ruby coloured glass combined with the perfect blend of fragrance, natural soy wax and cotton wick creates a scented expression that will infuse interiors with luxurious scent for approximately 60 hours.



Weight: 300g

Approx. 60 hours

Ingredients Pink Pepper, Violet, Saffron, White Lily, Tobacco Leaves, Orris, Leather, Sandalwood, Oudh

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