The Autumn Edit - styling your home for the cooler months

With autumn dinner parties and cozy evenings at home ahead, it's the perfect time to prep your home for the season. If you've set aside a budget for a few new pieces, consider investing in staples such as a custom modular sofa, or a floor rug in neutral earth tones (more on that below). Or, if you simply need a few new styling pieces to refresh your space, you'll also find that in our guide.


Kvadrat rugs are characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous attention-to-detail and tactile structures, they reinterpret classic techniques in a contemporary light. A Kvadrat rug will transform the feel and experience of any space by adding texture, depth, colour, and focus to a room.


When it comes to sofas, selecting big-ticket items made from natural materials such as recycled polyester, velvet and linen can help you confidently style a living space with enduring appeal. Our team love the modular sofas by Bolia as they are perfect for stretching out on after dinner, and are completely customisable in terms of material, colour, shape and size. An investment worth making.

We recommend avoiding panic buying to fill a gap. It’s always worth the wait to take it slow and live with less until you find items you really love!


Creating a beautiful interior space is all about paying attention to the little things, and lighting is a big part of that. Our approach to lighting always encompasses a layered scheme, which sidesteps the conventional overhead layout in favor of ambience-enhancing sconces, floor and table lamps.


Mix and match with colours to create texture and a point of interest to your living space. These boucle cushions by Hommey come in a variety of colours and sizes and are perfect for adding a personal styling touch to your couch or bed.

Blankets and throws

Place a blanket or throw at the end of the bed or over the corner couch to add a splash of colour and warmth to your room. We love this 100% lambs wool blanket by Klippan.


Layering fragrance is an art that involves combining different scents to create a more complex and long-lasting aroma. When done right, layered scents can evoke different moods and enhance the overall ambiance of your home. Urban Apothecary range offers a mix of distinctive aromas such as Cherry Blossom, Fig Tree and Lavender.

Parting design advice

Colour is transformative in an interior, yet also very subjective. Gentle, calming neutrals; warm, earthy hues; vibrant tones...whichever direction you go in, base your choices on what looks and feels good!
If you need further advice on styling your home, or would prefer to have a professional design your space for you, our team offer interior design services.