Understanding BIFMA testing in furniture

To maintain a high level of quality, continuous testing forms the cornerstone of the furniture development processes. This testing process is known as BIFMA.

Products undergo certification by certified independent within the industry to ensure robustness and stability. The European Standard (EN) evaluates the strength, durability, and safety of products for both domestic and non-domestic use. These industry benchmarks provide customers with peace of mind in knowing that the furniture that they have purchased have been built with durability and longevity in mind. 

Passing all the tests in an ANSI/BIFMA standard takes a lot of work. It represents a significant investment for furniture manufacturers, however, this is where the quality of product comes into play. Luxury furniture items have a higher price point not just due to the quality of materials used, but also due to the meticulous safety testing that each piece undergoes. When luxury furniture is advertised as being 'made for life', they really mean it!

(image via Muuto)