Iris Hantverk Dry Brush with Handle

Iris Hantverk Dry Brush with handle

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There are many reasons why you should dry brush your skin. Dry brushing exfoliates gently and helps the skin to renew itself, it keeps the pores open and clean so that dirt and toxins can more easily be released. Dry brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation. Some experience that it helps to reduce stress and muscle tension, reduce cellulite and give the skin a new softness and radiance.

There are different methods for dry brushing and we have chosen to illustrate one of them. We recommend that you enrich yourself in the subject to find the method that suits you best. The brush should, as the name of the method indicates, be used dry. It is important to choose a brush that feels gentle against the skin.

In the beginning, you may experience that it hurts a little in the skin but it passes quickly as the skin gets used to it. This brush is made of birch with bristles in horsehair and is only intended for dry brushing. When cleaning the brush - wet the brush slightly and massage in a small amount of shower gel and rinse off. Avoid soaking the wood. Let the brush dry with the brush facing down so that the water drains away from the wooden part.

If you want a massage brush without long handle, other shape or a slightly harder brush, all our bath brushes can be used for dry brushing.

Weight 146 g
Length 38,5 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 4,3 cm

Materials: Birch wood, white oil treated, horse hair

Not to be used in water.