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Muuto Pebble Rug

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Pebble Rug has a diverse and tactile surface, inspired by the sensuous feeling of walking across a pebbled beach. With a handwoven structure, Pebble Rug contrasts the materials of its soft, woolen loops with its sturdy canvas base in a cooling jute yarn. Pebble Rug has a distinct and modern woven texture for any home, hospitality setting, lobby, hotel space or co-working area.

Material:  Pebble Rug is made from 60% wool and 40% jute fibers, both natural materials that are easy to clean and preserve. The rug comes with a canvas backing pasted with synthetic latex which ensures that the rug lays smoothly on the floor.

Cleaning instructions: 
For general care of the rug, we recommend gentle vacuum cleaning on a regular basis. For cleaning of stains or spots, we recommend professional dry cleaning. Avoid cleaning with water, as this will damage the product.

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