Hasami Teapot Grey
Hasami Porcelain Teapot 14.5cm - Grey

Hasami Porcelain Teapot 14.5cm - Grey

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Japanese HASAMI PORCELAIN is produced in a region that has manufactured porcelain for 400 years. Incorporating expertise in porcelain tableware and small-scale mass production that has been developed over centuries, this modern ware draws its inspiration from traditional Japanese aesthetics.

You can choose between Natural, Grey and Black Hasami teapots. Black has a smooth finish, while natural has a textured finish. With its recessed edge, the teapot appears to float on the table.

HAASAMI PORCELAIN has a natural texture and colour, which is unique to the material. The material is a mixture of porcelain and clay. Despite being firmer and sharper than earthenware, the texture of HASAMI PORCELAIN is comfortable to the touch. Compared to regular porcelain, the ware has a distinctly gentler and more organic feel.


Dimensions: 14.5cm wide x 10.6cm high

Capacity:1 litre or 4 cups.

Material: Clay and Porcelain.