Iris Hantverk Dustpan and Broom Black

Iris Hantverk Dustpan and Broom Set (Black)

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Dustpan and broom set in beech, horse hair and plastic.. A highly functional and incredibly eye-pleasing alternative to your everyday broom. The best thing is you won't have to hide them inside a closet or behind the door! 


In the late 1900s century a small brush manufacturing started out in Stockholm. It was a successful movement so successful that it remains today. Now, as then, every Iris Hantverk brush is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen. It brings new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand. 



Material: Oil treated birch, Horsehair, Plastic 


Weight: 776 g
Length: 97.5 cm
Width: 27.5 cm
Height: 23 cm

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