Kvadrat Rug - July
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Kvadrat Rug - July
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Kvadrat Rug - July
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Kvadrat Rug - July

Kvadrat Rug - July

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The surface structure of July is inspired by the natural fleece of a sheep, reminiscent of the short, neat fleece of high summer, after shearing has taken place.

July is beautifully organic in its look and feel, thanks to the innovative patent-pending production process. The rug is finished using water, heat, natural soap and mechanical friction. As the pile yarns begin to felt and connect, there is no longer the need for the latex backing normally used on tufted rugs avoiding any additional use of chemicals in the backing, and potentially making the rug easier to recycle at the end of its life.

July is the result of an innovative combination of production techniques. It is tufted using a U-pile – with 12 twined yarns in every pile bundle – and has an average height of 17mm.

The final pile thickness is both random and vivid, organically shifting from one texture to another in a pattern that is unique to each rug. On the rectangular rugs the corners also have a slightly organic look, enhancing the natural expression of the design.

July is suitable for light to moderate residential and commercial use.


Our standard sizes are 180x240cm and 200x300cm but the Kvadrat rugs can be made in custom sizes. Feel free to get in touch to get a quote. 

Lead time: 8-11 weeks
Material: 100% New Zealand wool. The wool is dye coloured and rugs are woven by hand.
Produced in the Netherlands

Width: 50 - 400cm
Length: 80 - 600cm 
Diameter: 80 - 400cm
Weight: 5,000 g/㎡
Height: 10mm
Light Fastness: 6-7 (ISO 1-8)

Round or odd shapes possible
Warranty: 2 years

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