Normann Copenhagen Curve Hook Ash
Normann Copenhagen Curve Hook Side View

Normann Copenhagen Curve Hook Ash

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Curve is a wall hook in its most traditional and symbolic form. Shaped like a J, this wooden wall hook has a classic, uncomplicated look. The designer’s clever interpretation of the iconic hook shape makes Curve intuitive in use. Its width and the defined texture of the wood add warmth, humour and personality to the design.

Curve accommodates many kinds of items, such a clothes, bags and accessories in a stylish way. Let it add a pure, Scandinavian feel to you hallway décor and you can create a graphic design on your wall by mounting a single hook, several in a row or by placing them in a pattern. You can also make the kids happy with a Curve Hook in children’s height.


Material: Lacquered ash veneer
Dimensions: H17.7cm x W5.3cm x D10cm
Max weight load: 15kg

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